Terrific Tuesday

Yesterdays post didn’t happen until today but it happened! Yay!

Yesterday I was preparing our regular home to be closed for the summer.  We move to our camp, close to New Orleans, on the water, every summer. It was destroyed last year by Hurricane Isaac. My precious husband, dad, brother and family friend are rebuilding it as I type this. It is my safe haven, my tranquility, my peace on earth.  Funny thing is it is nothing fancy. Its a 1970’s trailer! My home is a completely redone 120 year old farm house. Quite a huge transition between here and there.  I love it!  Boating, fishing and relaxing all day.  This will be my first year to enjoy it fully.  All previous years there I have been fighting a huge legal battle, Pro Se.  It was my refuge.  That is why my dad and brother poor their hearts in it as well.  They realize I would not have made it without our camp!

So today I write!

I wrote earlier about using your oxygen mask.  Mondays are supposed to be “Mommy Mondays”, intended to talk about taking care of one another, ourselves.

Tuesdays is less deep, more fun so to speak.  “Terrific Tuesday”!  These days are for tips, tricks, crafts, decor, redecor, party planning etc.  Kinda a hodge podge-  FUN!

Today is not so glamorous……21 rules of this house…..some agree, some disagree.  Some think they are hokey!  I found these rules about 8 years ago.  They have come in and out of our lives. I have MANY different discipline techniques!  I created the “get along” shirt before it was on Pinterest I can tell you that.  Lets see, I have made the kids hug each other until they giggled when they were younger of course. I have made them clean the others room. The list goes on and on. Most recently I made them blindly open the bible and pick a bible verse to read to the other sibling.  Then they had to tell me what they thought the bible was saying to them.  This reminded me of the 21 rules….The original author as far as I can tell was Gregg Harris but you can find these just about everywhere online now.  Simple, to the point.  That is exactly what I needed.  Now the discipline was the hard part I changed that up to suit my families needs.

21. When we disobey or forget any of the rules of this house, we accept the discipline and instruction of the Lord, through our parents guidance.

Discipline is simple.  You will lose your phone for 1 day for each offense. If you get 3 offenses you will lose TV and phone for 1 week.

Rewards are simple. There are 5 jars under the cabinet at home or on the counter at the camp. If you see someone do a good deed place a bean in their jar. When the jars get full we will have a family treat.

We are a family unit. We are all we have in this world. We need to understand that and act accordingly.  Love one another!

I feel rewards are just as important as discipline. To clear something up, discipline is NOT only about their phones but they are teenagers so that gets their attention.  We have candid talks, they have to write the occasional apology letter, they have to get sent to their room as well to name a few things. But these rules are basic and clear.  I have even heard them saying to one another.  “Uh, #10?” or “#15”  reminding each other.

Next week chore chart? favorite apps? suggestions?


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